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Strombaject Aqua 1ml 50mg

Strombaject (Stanozolol) is nothing more than a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, but stanozolol itself is less active than its androgen related. Strombaject, also known as Winstrol, exhibits a greater anabolic effect than an androgenic one. Dihydrotestosterone, on the contrary, exhibits only the side effects inherent in androgenic steroids.

The anabolic properties of the drug are inferior to more powerful drugs, but nevertheless strombaject is a reliable tool for building high-quality muscles. Stanozolol, like Danabol, is 17-alpha alkylated, so there is its oral form.

The drug does not aromatize, which makes the use of aniestrogen unnecessary. The likelihood of gynecomastia when using a strombaject is extremely small, even for the most inclined athletes. Stanozolol also does not accumulate water in the tissues.

All of the above characteristics of strombaject make it an extremely useful steroid for use in short cycles when water accumulation and the presence of subcutaneous fat are not desirable.

Due to the ability of stanozolol to increase endurance, the drug is very popular in athletics, swimming, cycling …

Strombaject is safer than its oral form, strombafort, because stanozolol tablets affect the liver.



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