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Strombafort Stanozololum 10 mg-100 tab

Producer – Balkan Pharma

Model – 100 tabs 10mg.

Active ingredient – Stanozolol

For those who are going to quickly achieve results in bodybuilding with the help of "chemistry", strombafort will be an excellent helper, reviews of which are the most positive. This is the most popular form of stanozolol. The oral remedy combines moderate androgenic and high anabolic activity.

Here is an anabolic steroid that is quite popular among athletes. This tool helps to quickly build high-quality muscle mass. In addition, against the background of the use of the drug, the processes of the genetic background of the cell are impressively accelerated. As a result, there is a more active synthesis of DNA, proteins and RNA. Cells are actively filled with oxygen. Strombafort reduces the processes of catabolism and enhances anabolic processes.



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